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Bye George! An End of An Error is a celebration nearly a decade in the making. What started with a few hundred hanging chads in the Fall of 2000 has finally come to an end...8 years, 2 wars, and one Depression later. Think of it as a going away party for everyone's favorite Cowboy. Mr. Bush, don't let the door hit you on the way out! This once in a lifetime celebration of the most exciting presidential torch pass in a generation is being rung in by some of New York's most exciting and hilarious performers. This important and memorable night features the very best in comedy, music, games, prizes, countdown mayhem and surprise guests that makes you almost wish for one more night of Bush. It's an intimate night of bawdy, political, musical hilarity that only Joe's Pub can provide. LAME DUCK AND SHOE TOSS In honor of the Man-Boy Leader of the Free World, we celebrate his departure with some highflying games, prizes, and give-aways. Including the ever so popular "He said, WHAT?" "The "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Piñata Swing" and the newly favorite "Lame Duck And Shoe Toss".

If you can't be in Washington D.C for the inaugural celebrations of our historic 44th President, then you might as well be at Joe's Pub to share in the merriment of 43's imminent and much needed departure. This night is for anyone and everyone who had the good sense not to cast a ballot for Bush Junior, or is in need of repentance and a good soul cleanse. The show pays tribute to the administration's most memorable moments through song, comedy, cabaret, and banter. No stone will be unturned; no Vice Presidential Shot-Gun will be uncocked. And in downtown tradition sure to inspire a drinking problem worthy of Bush's past, the night will end in a champagne toast to the next 8 years that can only head in one direction, up!

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  • Location:Joe's the Public Theater, New York City