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This theatrical production is one that represents strength, determination, and the willingness to overcome life's many unwanted and unexpected hardships. It encourages one to look into a mirror and get down to the core of who they really are. Still standing, breathing and having the ability to prepare themselves for the inevitable adventures that life has to come. Prestine Playhouse presents......."Bonafide 2013" Written and Directed by Stephanie Ogeleza.

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  • Shruti Garg(Stage Manager/ Light Technician) Shruti Garg is a graduate of York College, majored in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. She was seen in Tom Marion's production of Istwa and worked backstage with Our Lady of 121st Street presented by the York College Drama Club. She was also a part of Tim Amrhein’s production of Fame.
  • Tijanna Walker(Marketing/Promotional Manager) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of York College with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing/Theater Arts. She has always been active in many fields of the arts and has helped to market several other plays and plan on continuing her career within this field. She believes the best way to learn is by doing. "Be who you are and the right people will love you".
  • Earline Stephen(Technical Director) Earline Stephen is a Brooklyn based actress and photographer studying with a theater degree from York College. She fell in love in theater in high school and since then has been in performances such as ; A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum ,Tommy and Fame. She has also worked backstage in productions such as Antigone, No Exit and also Tempest. Earline's ultimate goal is to be on Broadway. She is thankful to have found such a supportive family and group of artists to help her get there.
  • Ian Stephen(Photographer/ Sound Technician) Ian Tyrone Stephens is a graduate of York College. In the theatre world, he has worked as sound engineer for various shows including, "All in the Timing" and "Charlie, Victor, Romeo." He has also had the pleasure of working sound for "Bonafide Women" in 2012. At this present moment, Ian considers himself an artist who has the love for writing poetry and photography. He is working on his own projects and hopes that next year will be "rich" in the arts.
  • Angelica ToussaintHouse Manager/ Assistant Public Relation Manager) has worn many hats behind the scenes over the past few years. She was a stage manager for THIS IS HOW I LEFT and a light and sound technician for various plays in the Cabrini Theater. She enjoys the chance to learn new aspects of theatre and working with this cast.
  • Solomon Peck(Sound Engineer) Solomon Peck is an actor, singer, producer who has had the privilege of being part of the first production of “Bonafide 2011”. Most recently he performed as Simon in the off-Broadway production of Fifteen Minutes.....Til the end of the world. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, Solomon is honored to be a part of this "Bonafide Movement," and looks forward to what is to come. Solomon thanks the Lord for the blessings that have come of and to Bonafide.
  • Sultana Razia(Costume Designer)
  • Jazmine Gonzalez(Graphic Designer)
  • Stacey Stephenson(Make-Up Artist)
  • Stephanie OgelezaStephanie is an alumna of CUNY York College, with a baccalaureate in Speech Communications & Theatre Arts. She is an honorary recipient of the Barbara Nickolich Award for Theater Excellence. She wrote and directed “Bonafide Women 2012 , which took place at the Roy Arias Off Broadway theater, Co- director and actor in “ Our Lady of 121st Street”,written by Stephen Adley Guirgis and lead actress in Fabulation Written by Lynn Nottage as Undine Barnes Cajes, Malcolm-X in Speak Out , directed by Tom Marion, and Inez Serrano in No Exit, written by Jean Paul Satre. As a young entrepreneur, Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of a new entertainment production company; Pristine Playhouse LLC , which will produce the upcoming production “Bonafide 2013” and many future productions to come; Your support and sponsorship will be greatly appreciated, by her and others whose lives you will help to change. "To be an entertainer was not something I chose,” she had said,. “Entertainment chose me; and therefore, I must do my best to enjoy, satisfy, and positively change lives of those that I come across!" The cast of “Bonafide: 2013” varies in age, ethnicity and of course, gender. , “We are from all different parts of the world and yet we find a way to unite and understand each other to make this play a success,” she has stated.and she also believes that a production can only work when the cast really works towards supporting one another as a team and at the same time learning more about themselves. The production is comprised of (actors, stage manager, promotional manager(s), make-up artist, costume designer, technical director, light and sound technical crew/engineers): Andrew Fitzsimons, Hope Little, Samantha Coppola, James Jarod, Jennifer Halweil, Brandon Delgado, Claudio Brovedani Nuti, Lawrence Wilson, Dianne Dixon, Shruti Garg, Tijanna Walker, Angelica Toussaint, Ian Stephens, Solomon Peck, Sultana Shakur, Stacey Stephenson, Earline Stephen, and Writer/Director: Stephanie Ogeleza.