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Ridykeulous organizes an evening of overthrow and ruin. Interventions, recitations, videos, mediations, incantations, declarations, and performances feature past contributors and new recruits. Founded by artists A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman, Ridykeulous is a collaborative effort to capsize, contaminate, corrupt, debase, defeat, demolish, deprave, depress, destroy, extinguish, invalidate, invert, level, overthrow, overturn, pervert, poison, raze, reverse, ruin, sabotage, supersede, supplant, suppress, topple, tumble, undermine, upset, vitiate, and wreck the language commonly used to define Feminist or Lesbian art. Borrowing heavily from subversion, Ridykeulous aims to distill a cultural moment or tap into the blood and guts of an underground movement.

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