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This program celebrates the Nomura Family and Japan's Society's long-standing relationship that began with Mansaku's father Manzo Nomura half a century ago.

Octogenarian Living National Treasure Mansaku Nomura, together with illustrious members of the Mansaku-no-Kai Kyogen Company, including Mansaku's son star of stage/film/TV Mansai Nomura and practiced performer Yukio Ishida, return to Japan Society to offers a special evening of kyogen, Japan's traditional comedic theater that satirizes and embraces human imperfection. Centering around Mansaku's virtuosic performance of the vigorous solo piece Nasu no Yoichi, based on a serious episode from The Tale of the Heike, the program also includes the dynamic Akutaro, starring Mansai, about a troublemakers unexpected journey to repentance and the popular play Bonsan, which follows a foolish thief with a penchant for bonsai trees. With English titles.

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