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The hard-boiled hero, Happy Mahoney — a former-clown-turned-cop— comes to the Clown Bar looking for answers— and vengeance. Somebody killed his brother, Timmy. But not everyone at the old honking grounds is happy to see Happy. And to find the killer, Happy will have to face his past without being pulled into clowndom's seedy underbelly of violence and vice.

There are eight million stories under the big top, but this play is one-of-a-kind. Clown Bar puts audiences right inside an underground clown bar, complete with a sad sack lounge singer cabaret and a sexy stripper-clown burlesque, for a night of tongue-in-grease-painted-cheek comedy.

So put up your enormous feet, strap on your big red nose, and order up a gin-and-comic, Clown Royal, or Bloody Larry. The Clown Bar has clowns like you've never seen them before. Yet somehow, they're even funnier this way.

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