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Like Tony n' Tina's Wedding, A Royal Wedding takes its audience through the entire connubial process from the processional through the ceremony, dinner, toast, dancing, cutting of the cake and so on. But that's where the similarities end. The betrothed couple are admittedly not Italians from the Big Apple, but rather the princess of France and Prince of England thrown together in a fantastic period during the middle ages. And more than just a pesky mother-in-law or ex girlfriend threaten the couple's bliss -- more like a foil-wielding henchman, a spying lady-in-waiting, a ruthless queen and, oh yes, a most unwilling bride. Produced by Front & Centre, A Royal Wedding is set to tie the knot Fridays at the posh and castle-like Sheraton in Anaheim, and then one night only in Long Beach on Friday, September 26th at Best Western's Golden Sails Hotel.

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