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By Eugenie Chan, Britney Frazier, Akaina Ghosh, Lisa Marie Rollins, Cleavon Smith, Arisa White, Dan Wolf, and Steve Yockey

Directed by Elizabeth Carter, Cheri Miller, Lauren Spencer, and Kimberly Ridgeway

Consultants: Rebecca Pingree and Christian Cagigal

Eight playwrights reclaim their own histories and bring forward their ghosts with a one-of-a-kind theatrical event. The power of fear will put to the test…in an oversaturated world, can the past move you forward or only hold you back?

This Halloween, TheatreFIRST invites you to From the Ground Up: An Anthology of Ghost Stories Made New. Willing audience members will find themselves immersed in an oddity shop, curated by a mysterious store owner who seems to have already known you were coming. It will soon be clear that you are as trapped in the room as the stories being told.

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