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Adrian Hall, Hortense Lederer, and Milton Stanzler at the Lederer Theater dedication, 1973
(© William L. Smith, courtesy of Trinity Rep)
Milton Stanzler, a founding member of Trinity Repertory Company, has died at the age of 91.

In 1962, Stanzler first proposed his vision of establishing a professional theater in Providence, Rhode Island and in 1964, the doors were opened to the Trinity Square Playhouse's first production. In addition to his hand in founding the company, Stanzler served as Chairman of the Board for the theater's first twelve years.

Stanzler authored the book Providence Is No Longer Just A Train Stop: The Trinity Repertory Company--Its First Twelve Years, and in 2005, he was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to freedom of expression and the cultural legacy of the state.

Stanzler is survived by his wife Selma (Schmuger-Klitzner), his children Jonathan Stanzler and Jill Stanzler-Katz, and his step children Stephanie Penzell and David Penzell.

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