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5 Questions With TV Star Kiersey Clemons About Eve Ensler's Fruit Trilogy

The screen veteran sinks her teeth into a new challenge off-Broadway.

Kiersey Clemons, now making her off-Broadway debut in Eve Ensler's Fruit Trilogy.
(photo provided by Keith Sherman Associates)

As Austin & Ally's Kira Starr, Kiersey Clemons is a former part of the Disney universe. Tapped to play Iris West in an upcoming The Flash movie, she's a soon-to-be part of the DC universe. And right now, she's brand-new part of the off-Broadway universe, making her stage debut in Eve Ensler's new Fruit Trilogy.

Making its New York premiere at Abingdon Theatre Company, Fruit Trilogy is described as " three short plays that give a voice to defiant, ordinary women: Pomegranate: two women sit for sale on a shelf; Avocado: a young woman has a chaotic, shocking journey toward freedom; and Coconut: from the bliss of her bathroom, a woman connects with the one thing she has never fully owned — her body."

Below, Clemons reflects on her experience with the play so far and shares her take on everything from the commodification of women's bodies to the best variety of fruit.

Liz Mikel and Kiersey Clemons with playwright Eve Ensler.
(© Maria Baranova)

1. As your first foray into the world of professional theater, how has this experience been different than you expected?

So much rehearsal!

2. Eve Ensler is known for feminist plays like The Vagina Monologues. Why is telling women's stories important to you?

Because women push out life. We are deep, we are the moon. Trying to understand us is trying to understand life and it makes the world go round.

3. You're also a singer, as evidenced by your role in the new film Hearts Beat Loud (alongside Nick Offerman). What musical would you love to star in?


4. Why are you excited for Fruit Trilogy to host talkbacks to discuss the play's themes of commodification and ownership of women's bodies?

Any discussion involving the ownership of women's bodies is one to be had! We must manifest the right!

5. What is your spirit fruit and why?

Papaya! I ate huge bowls of fresh papaya all day in Fiji when I was filming a movie, which was one of the most magical experiences in my entire life, so the fruit actually really changes my mood and how my body feels.

Liz Mikel and Kiersey Clemons in a scene from Fruit Trilogy.
(© Maria Baranova)