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Wallace Shawn to Make Designated Mourner, Grasses of a Thousand Colors Into Podcasts

The plays will be directed for audio by André Gregory.

The cast of Grasses of a Thousand Colors
Emily Cass McDonnell, Julie Hagerty, Wallace Shawn, and Jennifer Tilly in Grasses of a Thousand Colors at the Public Theater
(© Joan Marcus)

Two plays by Wallace Shawn — The Designated Mourner and Grasses of a Thousand Colors — will be presented in podcast form, directed by Shawn's longtime collaborator, André Gregory.

The Designated Mourner will premiere in six parts on June 25, and follows three artist-intellectuals trying to make sense of their lives as their country slips into totalitarianism. Shawn, Deborah Eisenberg, and Larry Pine, who starred in the original New York production in 2000 and have performed the play on and off ever since, will once again star.

Grasses of a Thousand Colors, a dystopian fantasy about global illness, cannibalism, and bestiality, will feature original New York cast members Shawn, Jennifer Tilly, Julie Hagerty, and Emily Cass McDonnell.

Both plays will be distributed free from PRX and presented by Gideon Media.

Shawn and Gregory collaborated on the films My Dinner With André and Vanya on 42nd Street. Gregory directed both stage versions of The Designated Mourner and Grasses of a Thousand Colors in New York City.