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This Video of Christopher Walken Dancing in Basically Every Single One of His Films Is the Reason Supercuts Were Invented

Obviously Walken gets his boogie on in ”Hairspray”, but who knew he also breaks it down in ”Wayne’s World 2”, ”Sleepy Hollow”, and over 50 other films?

If you don't think supercuts are an art form, you haven't seen this compilation of Christopher Walken dancing in basically every film he's ever appeared in.

Apparently as a budding young performer, Walken, a Tony nominee, trained in dance at the Washington Dance Studio. Though Walken began a career as one of our most prolific film and theater actors soon after leaving the studio, he never forgot his roots. It seems the actor has been quietly compiling one of the most impressive and varied dancing careers on film, and fortunately one absurdly talented Huffington Post supercut creator noticed.