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The Ghosts of Broadway Come to Life in Ghostlight 9: A Musical Ghost Story

The Cherry Lane Theatre will host three performances of the spooky production.

(© courtesy of the production)

All for One Theater and Gorgeous Entertainment will offer three performances of Ghostlight 9: A Musical Ghost Story on April 22 and 28, and May 3 at the Cherry Lane Theatre. The show is performed by All for One artistic director Michael Wolk, who also provides the book, music, and lyrics, and accompanies himself on guitar. Aaron Mark directs.

Developed in All for One’s SoloLab in 2014, followed by a workshop presentation in January 2015 at the Wild Project. A spooky tale inspired by the ghost that famously haunts the New Amsterdam Theater, the show is described as follows: "Forty years have passed since young Olivia Haven fell to her death below the stage of Broadway's soon-to-be-demolished Bijou Theatre. Tonight, four romantically entangled actors from the current revival of Angel Street will hold a séance to contact her in this solo musical ghost story."

"I feel all Broadway theaters are haunted," says Wolk. "Each has survived the death of countless shows, and something clings to the space from all the passions that have played out there over the years, onstage and off. I’m not alone in feeling this – every Broadway stage has a ghostlight that burns all night. My story takes place in a theater with a ghost so notorious there are nine ghostlights blazing in its scary corners and corridors. It’s the kind of spooky tale you might lean into around a campfire, except our campfire is a ghostlight. And I sing and play guitar, so…it’s the kind of story Arlo Guthrie might have told if Alice’s Restaurant was haunted."

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