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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to Drop First-Ever Musical Episode

The Star Trek universe is set to collide with the world of musical theater.

On Thursday, August 3, the Paramount Plus original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will drop “Subspace Rhapsody,” the first-ever musical-themed episode in Star Trek franchise history. The episode will feature 10 original songs, plus a “Subspace Rhapsody” version of the series’ main title, with music and lyrics by Letters to Cleo‘s Kay Hanley and Tom Polce and choreography by Roberto Campanella. Preview the landmark television event in the trailer below.

“Subspace Rhapsody” is described as follows: “An accident with an experimental quantum probability field causes everyone on the U.S.S. Enterprise to break uncontrollably into song, but the real danger is that the field is expanding and beginning to impact other ships—allies and enemies alike.” The episode is written by Dana Horgan and Bill Wolkoff, and directed by Dermott Downs.