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Site-Specific The Last Five Years Will Have Return Streaming Engagement

Nasia Thomas and Nicholas Edwards star in this re-imagined version of Jason Robert Brown’s two-person musical.

Nasia Thomas and Nicholas Edwards in The Last Five Years.
Nasia Thomas and Nicholas Edwards in The Last Five Years.
(© Gerald Malaval)

In honor of its one-year anniversary, Out of the Box Theatrics will present an encore engagement of its site-specific virtual production of The Last Five Years. Performances will be streamed from March 28-April 10.

Directed by Tony Award winner Jason Michael Webb (Choir Boy), the filmed presentation of Jason Robert Brown's musical two-hander stars Broadway vets Nasia Thomas (Caroline, or Change) as Cathy and Nicholas Edwards (Frozen) as Jamie, and was filmed entirely in a New York City apartment.

Webb's production features costumes by Siene Zoë Allen, production design by Adam Honoré, and makeup advisory by Tina Scariano. The production team includes Christina Franklin (associate director), Cynthia Meng (associate music director), Egypt Dixon (stage management), Joshua Christensen (associate stage management), Joanna White-Oldham (coproducer and film advisor), Brian Bon (director of photography and videographer), Milton Guanaga (assistant cameraperson), Nicole Maupin (sound operator), Carin M. Ford (sound editing), and Dimly Wit Productions (video editing).

The orchestra includes Cynthia Meng (keyboard), Sterling Elliott (cello 1 and 2), Orlando Wells (violin), Jonathan Linden (guitar), Chelton Grey (bass), and Brandon Brooks (drums).

To read an interview with director Jason Michael Webb about his re-imagined production of The Last Five Years, click here.