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Robert Askins, Deirdre O’Connor, Crystal Skillman Set for The 52nd Street Project’s Dress the Part

The 52nd Street Project is set to present Dress the Part: Ten More Tailor Made Plays, the second installment of its 25th Annual One-on-One Series, August 17-19 at the project’s Five Angels Theater.

In this one-on-one program, the organization pairs each of ten kids with an adult theater professional who writes a one-act play that will star the young person. After the professionals meet their young collaborators, the entire group goes out of town for a week of work on their plays. This session will be heading to Wareham, MA.

The kids who will be taking part in the project are Alex Bonnet, Richrdo Currin, Edelys Guerrero, Bryan Lopez, Maria Martinez, Makice Pacheco, Amanda Rosa, Ashley Thomas, Lambert Whitney, and Ruby Zamora.

Their professional collaborators include Robert Askins, George Babiak, Mattie Brickman, Molly Carden, Jeff Cox, Megan Cramer, Dylan Dawson, Josh Koenigsberg, Tim J. Lord, Krystel Lucas, Susan McGinnis, Josh Moody, Deirdre O’Connor, Flor de Liz Perez, Christopher Randolph, Matt Schatz, and Crystal Skillman.

In addition, Patrick Barnes has composed original music for the production.

For more information and reservations for Dress the Part: Ten More Tailor Made Plays, click here.