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Rinne Groff, Jason Grote, and More Contribute to Prospect Theater Company’s The Dome

Rinne Groff
Rinne Groff

A group of more than 30 artists have collaboratively created Prospect Theater Company’s The Dome, an original, site-specific work inspired by the architecture of the West End Theatre, to be presented there January 31-March 1.

The Dome interweaves three stories. In the first, a contemporary New York couple anticipates the birth of their first child. In the second, two clowns decipher cryptic messages from the unknown and make a surprising discovery in the theater’s dome. And in the third, Voltaire and his lover, the scientist and mathematician Emilie du Chatelet, passionately argue their ideas of God, seeking enlightenment. Connecting these stories is a web of monologues and music as well as “found text” selected from hundreds of online interviews.

Original text and music was contributed by Deborah Abramson, Michael Cooper, Rinne Groff, Jason Grote, Hyeyoung Kim, Norman Lasca, Laura Marks, Marisa Michelson, David Miller, and Jonathan Portera. The work will be directed by May Adrales, David Miller, and Stefanie Sertich, and is conceived and curated by Cara Reichel, with music direction by Remy Kurs.

The cast will include Travis Allen, Dorothy Abrahams, Dino Antoniou, Sarah Bowles, Kelechi Ezie, John Gardner, Kathryn Holtkamp, Jesse Kearney, Whitney Lee, Britt Lower, Danijela Popovic, Sarah Statler, Kyle Williams, and Andrew Zimmerman. The creative team will include Meredith Ries (set), Emily DeAngelis (costumes), Evan Purcell (lighting), Ryan Maeker (sound), and Richard Dibella (video).

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