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Rhinehart to Replace Lampley in The Bluest Eye

JoAnna Rhinehart
JoAnna Rhinehart

JoAnna Rhinehart will permanently replace Oni Faida Lampley in the role of Mrs. Breedlove in the Long Wharf Theatre production of The Bluest Eye, effective April 9, due to an injury sustained by Lampley during the April 6 evening performance.

According to a press statement, approximately 18 minutes into the performance, Lampley was exiting the stage after a scene, misjudged a short step, and fell. The show was stopped at approximately 7:30pm. Lampley was diagnosed with a severe ankle sprain, but no permanent damage was done.

The Bluest Eye tells the story of Pecola Breedlove, a young black girl coming of age in the racially turbulent 1940s. Pecola dreams of having blue eyes that might save her from the cruelty of her surroundings. Directed by Eric Ting, the play was adapted from Toni Morrison’s novel by Lydia Diamond.

The cast also includes Bobbi Baker, Miche Braden, Leon Addison Brown, Ellis Foster, Adepero Oduye, Ronica V. Reddick, and Shelley Thomas.

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