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Peak Performances to Present Prince Hamlet in English and American Sign Language

The production is described as a “bilingual, gender-bent reimagining of the Shakespeare classic.”

A scene from Prince Hamlet, adapted and directed by Ravi Jain.
A scene from Prince Hamlet, adapted and directed by Ravi Jain.
(© Bronwen Sharp)

Peak Performances at Montclair State University will present Prince Hamlet, a reimagined production of Shakespeare's Hamlet, at the Alexander Kasser Theater September 23-25.

Adapted and directed by Why Not Theater founder and co-artistic director Ravi Jain, Prince Hamlet retells the story of the melancholic Prince of Denmark in both English and American Sign Language (translation by Dawn Jani Birley). According to a press statement, "The production challenges traditional notions of who gets to perform and experience the play, offering a stunning retelling for both hearing and Deaf audiences."

The cast of Prince Hamlet includes Eli Pauley as Hamlet, Dawn Jani Birley as Horatio, Miriam Fernandes as Rosencrantz/Player King/Gravedigger, Jeff Ho as Ophelia, Hannah Miller as Guildenstern/Player Queen, Rick Roberts as Claudius, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah as Laertes, Karen Robinson as Gertrude, and Maria Vacratsis as Polonius.

The production features set and costume design by Lorenzo Savoini, sound design by Thomas Ryder Payne, and lighting design by Andre du Toit. Neha Ross is the production stage manager, and Tamara Protic is the assistant stage manager.

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