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Lonette McKee to Star in Off-Broadway Premiere of Sowa’s Red Gravy

Lonette McKee
Lonette McKee

Woodie King Jr’s New Federal Theatre, in association with Castillo Theatre, will present the Off-Broadway Premiere of Sowa’s Red Gravy by Diane Richards, October 18-November 18 at Castillo Theatre. Woodie King Jr. will direct.

The play is narrated by Sowa, a 110-year old wise woman who resides in Harlem in quantum time. Sowa recounts her life before the emancipation and claims to have lived many lives as varied as a white Hollywood film star, an African Warrior, and a Louisiana Voodoo Queen.

The production will star Tony Award nominee Lonette McKee and will also feature Aaron Fried, Jonathan Peck, Kimberly Q, Toni Seawright, Gary E. Vincent, Iris Wilson, David D. Wright, and Kene Holliday.

The design team will include John Scheffler (set design), Ali Turns (costume design), Antoinette Tynes (lighting design), and Bill Toles (sound design).

For more information and tickets to Sowa’s Red Gravy, click here.

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Sowa’s Red Gravy

Closed: November 18, 2012