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John Lithgow, Shoshana Bean, Daniel Breaker Set for Part 2 of Digital Myths and Hymns

MasterVoices presents a virtual four-part production of Adam Guettel’s song cycle.

John Lithgow, Shoshana Bean, and Daniel Breaker
John Lithgow, Shoshana Bean, and Daniel Breaker
(© David Gordon)

John Lithgow, Shoshana Bean, and Daniel Breaker are among the artists featured in the second part of Myths and Hymns, a new digital adaptation of Adam Guettel's theatrical song cycle presented by MasterVoices. The free production, conceived and supervised by artistic director Ted Sperling, will premiere on February 24 at 6:30pm ET.

Myths and Hymns was first performed under the title Saturn Returns in 1998 at the Public Theater. Guettel's first project after Floyd Collins, the piece explores the nature of faith through Greek mythology and ancient hymnals. The second chapter of the digital production is titled Work, and has additional lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh and orchestrations by Don Sebesky and Jamie Lawrence.

Songs included are Down and Up and Over and Over, performed by MasterVoices and directed by Sperling; Children of the Heavenly King, performed and directed by Anthony Roth Costanzo, with visual art by Erik Freer; and At the Sounding, performed by Ailyn Pérez, Nicholas Phan, Costanzo (also director), and MasterVoices, with visuals by Freer.

Michael McElroy will sing Build a Bridge, directed by Ted Sperling, with textile art by Adrienne Rogers and photos by Ray Charles White; John Lithgow will narrate Sisyphus, sung by Daniel Breaker, directed by Anne Kauffman, and with animation by Manik Choksi; and Shoshana Bean will sing Life Is But a Dream, directed by Sperling.

Finally, Breaker, Pérez, Phan, and MasterVoices will come together for Every Poodle, directed by Doug Fitch and with animation by Thomas Nguyen.

More information can be found here.