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Full Cast Set for Salt Water

Gina Young
Gina Young

Full casting has been announced for the world premiere of Gina Young’s Salt Water, to be presented by Poor Choice Theatre at Live Girls! Theater, February 19-March 7. Nikki Przasnyski will direct.

In the play, the friendship between Sybil and Alison unravels after they trespass on a New Jersey beach after dark. The cast will include Andrea Avila as Alison, Jade Yung as Sybil, Gina Bling as the Mermaid, and Shey Oliver in multiple roles.

Prior to the show, Poor Choice Theatre will present local musical talent and activists, with a line-up including Your Heart Breaks (February 19, 20, and March 1 and 5), Lesli Wood (March 6), the Preons (March 7), and a reading from Eve Ensler’s V-Day Project (February 26 and 28), with proceeds going to charities to help stop violence against women.

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Salt Water

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