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Flashback Friday: From Doralee to Annie Oakley, Megan Hilty Knows How to Get a Man With a Gun

She may look like a “Backwoods Barbie,” but this ain’t her first rodeo.

This week, it was announced that Megan Hilty will take on the role of sharp-shooter Annie Oakley for the one-night-only gala performance of Annie Get Your Gun at New York City Center this fall. After a stint on Broadway as Dolly Parton doppelgänger Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5, we know the actress is no stranger to a Southern twang. But beyond her dialect training, 9 to 5 gave Hilty hands-on experience inside the body and spirit of a trigger-happy dame. For video evidence, we're flashing back to 2009 when Hilty got to take out her latent aggressions on Marc Kudisch (current star of Hand to God) eight times a week. Just think of how much rage she'll be able to pack into a single show.

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