Final Bow

Final Bow: Bring It On‘s Ryann Redmond on Broadway, Cheerleading, and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Plus: The spunky actress reveals the Bring It On: The Musical Cast Cheer.

Every show ends sometime (unless you’re Phantom), so before the cast takes their final bow, we’re sitting down with departing Broadway performers to ask a few questions, before it’s too late.

Next in our series is Bring It On: The Musical‘s Ryann Redmond, who plays the spunky Bridget, a role which she originated at Georgia’s Alliance Theatre before embarking on the musical’s pre-Broadway national tour. After years of cheers, Redmond reflects on “the perfect role,” cast spirit, and the marvelous multi-tasker that is co-composer/lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Ryann Redmond in <i>Bring It On: The Musical</i>
Ryann Redmond in Bring It On: The Musical
(© Tristan Fuge, Joan Marcus)

NAME: Ryann Redmond
ROLE/SHOW: Bridget, Bring It On: The Musical

1. What is your favorite line that you delivered?
I would have to say, “Shut the front door and slap my ass with the screen,” because it is always a crowd pleaser! That’s usually the line that fans repeat back to me at the stage door which always makes me giggle. Especially when five-year-olds say it!

2. Everyone loves inside jokes, so tell us…
a. What’s the best one from your show?
b. What’s the punch line of your cast’s most unprintable inside joke?

We have quite a few silly quotes that we use to go along with our stunt call before each show, but those probably wouldn’t make much sense to you. They don’t really make sense to us either!

3. Every show experiences technical difficulties. What was the worst technical difficulty you experienced during your show and how was it handled?
We haven’t had too many major technical difficulties but we have had quite a few funny ones. My personal favorite was when Bettis Richardson was going on for the role of La Cienega for the first time. During the final number in the show, he does a back tuck. Apparently, his wig wasn’t pinned on fully and it flew into the lap of an audience member in the front row. So Bettis continued the rest of the number in just a wig cap, and the rest of us on stage laughed our way through the end of the song. No one could keep it together!

4. What was the most “interesting” present someone gave you at the stage door?
Our fans are all so wonderful, so I haven’t received anything out of the ordinary. Just a lot of baked goods and beautiful letters.

5. Who is the coolest person that came to see your show? (You can’t say your family!)
We have had so many cool people at our show. Some of my favorites were Rosie O’Donnell, Tyra Banks, Berry Gordy, Harrison Ford, among tons of others.

6. Five years ago, is this experience something that would have ever factored into your wildest dreams?
Not at all. I worked very hard in high school and college at honing my craft, but never did I think at the age of 22 would I be originating the perfect role on a Broadway stage. I have been so lucky to work with such an all-star cast and creative team. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

7. What were your thoughts on cheerleading before the show, and did they change over the years?
a. Does the cast of Bring It On have a cheer? What is it?

I always loved watching cheerleading and gymnastics growing up, but I never really thought I would be participating. It is such an athletic sport and anyone who disagrees can come to the St. James Theatre — I have a few friends that can help change your mind.

We do indeed have a cheer at Bring It On. It goes like this:
‘1-2-3-4 Who’s about to run this floor? Hey! You know it’s Bring It On. Don’t be scared, don’t be alarmed. We do what we do: flip, dance, sing a song. B-R-I-NG IT ON. WE GONNA BRING IT! (clap x 4) WE GONNA BRING IT! (clap x 4) WE GONNA BRING IT! (clap x 4) Bring It On!’

8. What tour stop was your favorite and why?
My favorite tour stop was Denver because the town was so cute. It had everything we needed in close proximity and the snow was beautiful.! Also, our hotel was the bomb. The Curtis had an amazing restaurant [and] themed floors that sang to you when you got off the elevator. And my cast would be mad if I left out the amazing Doubletree cookies!

9. Who, in the Bring It On company, wins the “Spirit Award?”
a. What award does co-composer/lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda win?

I would have to say Greg Haney, who plays La Cienega, wins the Spirit Award. He is always making people laugh, especially me. Sometimes it’s hard for the two of us to be next to each other because it almost always ends with uncontrollable laughter.

I think I will give Lin-Manuel the “What Can He Not Do?” Award. Between filming new TV shows, free-style rapping all over the city, writing new material for who knows what, he is just a superstar at everything he puts his mind to. And [I] am so glad I get to say that I worked with him.

10. Who’s a performer (in a different show) that you can’t believe you shared the season with?
I would definitely say Cristin Milioti. She is a fellow NYU alum that I am so proud to share the season with. Her performance is absolutely breathtaking in Once. Such an inspiration!

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