Craig 'muMs' Grant's 5 Most Influential Hip-Hop Songs

The star of ”Oz” and Labyrinth Theater Company’s ”A Sucker Emcee” explains the jams that matter to him most.

Craig 'muMs' Grant is currently performing his new solo show, A Sucker Emcee at the Bank Street Theatre. The piece explores the life of this theater artist, from growing up in the Bronx to starring in the hit HBO series Oz, all through the lens of hip-hop's rise in popularity. In conjunction with the production, 'muMs' described to TheaterMania the five hip-hop jams that most influenced his life.

Craig 'muMs' Grant in Labyrinth Theatre Company's A Sucker Emcee.
Craig 'muMs' Grant in Labyrinth Theatre Company's A Sucker Emcee at Bank Street Theatre.
(© Monique Carboni)

1. dead prez: "Bigger Than Hip-Hop"'
Release Year: 2000
muMs says: "This song is an anthem for hip-hop, from an adult perspective."

2. Eric B & Rakim: "My Melody"'
Release Year: 1987
muMs says: "First time I heard a song that took rap seriously. Something about the song, head nodding, almost like the song was a meditation."

3. Sugar Hill Gang: "Rapper's Delight"
Release Year: 1979
muMs says: "First record I ever owned. First rap song that made a connection with me."

4. Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five: "The Message"
Release Year: 1982
muMs says: "Stands out for me because it was a real honest, raw explanation of what was going on in the hood at the time."

5. Run-D.M.C.: "Sucker M.C.'s"'
Release Year: 1983
muMs says: "First song that reflected what we were doing, how we were living, dressing in the neighborhood."

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