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Casting Announced for World Premiere of Pass Over at Steppenwolf Theatre

Danya Taymor replaces Liesl Tommy as director of the world premiere play by Antoinette Nwandu.

Jon Michael Hill joins the world-premiere cast of Pass Over at Steppenwolf Theatre.
Jon Michael Hill joins the world premiere cast of Pass Over at Steppenwolf Theatre.
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Steppenwolf Theatre has announced casting for its upcoming world premiere of Pass Over, written by Antoinette Nwandu and directed by Danya Taymor, who replaces the originally announced director Liesl Tommy.

The cast features Jon Michael Hill as Moses, Julian Parker as Kitch, and Ryan Hallahan, who replaces Cliff Chamberlain in the role of Mister. Both Tommy and Chamberlain had unforeseen artistic obligations that conflict with the production dates.

Pass Over runs from June 1-July 9 in the Upstairs Theatre. An incendiary riff on Waiting for Godot, the story follows two young black men who stand around on the corner — talking sh*t, killing time, and hoping that maybe today will be different. When a white man wanders into their space, an escalating crisis threatens to prevent their escape from the block. In Pass Over, pop culture, historical, and religious references collide to create a hilarious and disturbing meditation on manhood, race, and the cycle of violence that prevents too many from realizing their full potential.

"At its core, this play asks us collectively to consider the value of black lives, specifically the lives of young black men who are not extraordinary, who are not entertainers; they’re not athletes; they’re not secret math geniuses," says playwright Antoinette Nwandu. "They're young men who might never get better, who might never be different. This play challenges us to envision a society that does not ask these young men to prove their worth."

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