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Broadway's The Great Society to Launch Voter Registration Drives

Events will take place at the Vivian Beaumont Theater.

The company of The Great Society.
The company of The Great Society, including Brian Cox, playwright Robert Schenkkan, director Bill Rauch, and more.
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Broadway's The Great Society will launch voter registration drives at the Vivian Beaumont Theater throughout September and October.

Drives will take place September 18 (4-4:30pm; 7-8pm); September 21 (5-5:30pm; 7-8pm); September 25 (4-4:30pm; 7-8pm); October 9 (4-4:30pm; 6-7pm); and October 16 (4-4:30pm; 6-7pm). Events will be sponsored by NYC Votes, FairVote, and Young Invincibles.

The 19-member ensemble company is led by Brian Cox Cox as Lyndon B. Johnson and Grantham Coleman as Martin Luther King Jr., alongside Marc Kudisch as Richard J. Daley, Bryce Pinkham as Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Frank Wood as Senator Everett Dirksen, Gordon Clapp as J. Edgar Hoover, and Richard Thomas as Hubert Humphrey.

Completing the cast are Marchánt Davis as Stokely Carmichael, Brian Dykstra as Adam Walinsky, Barbara Garrick as Ladybird Johnson, David Garrison as Richard Nixon, Ty Jones as Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Christopher Livingston as James Bevel, Angela Pierce as Pat Nixon, Matthew Rauch as Robert McNamara, Nikkole Salter as Coretta Scott King, Tramell Tillman as Bob Moses, and Ted Deasy and Robyn Kerr in the ensemble.

The play is written by Robert Schenkkan and directed by Bill Rauch. The creative team includes David Korins (sets), Linda Cho (costumes), David Weiner (lights), Paul James Prendergast (composer, sound), Victoria Sagady (projections)

Capturing President Lyndon B. Johnson's attempts to build a just society for all, The Great Society follows his triumph in a landslide election to the agonizing decision not to run for re-election just three years later. It was an era that would define history forever: the rise of the civil rights movement, the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, the escalation of the Vietnam War, and the creation of some of the greatest social programs America has ever known.

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