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Arena Stage Sets Casting for Upcoming Production of Moby Dick

The drama comes to Washington D.C. from Lookingglass Theatre Company.

Anthony Fleming III, Christopher Donahue, and Emma Cadd in Lookingglass Theatre Company's production of Moby Dick.
Anthony Fleming III, Christopher Donahue, and Emma Cadd in Lookingglass Theatre Company’s production of Moby Dick.
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Casting has been set for the upcoming Arena Stage production of Lookingglass Theatre Company’s Moby Dick. Adapted and directed by David Catlin, it will run November 18-December 24.

The new adaptation of the classic seafaring tale uses trapeze and acrobatic work to bring to life Captain Ahab’s harrowing quest for the legendary great while whale.

"Moby Dick begs to be reimagined, and who better than David Catlin and the creative team from Lookingglass," said artistic director Molly Smith. "The story doesn’t just come alive in this production, it flies in the air all around you. Prepare to be amazed."

Originating in Chicago, the production will star Jamie Abelson as Ishmael, Christopher Donahue as Ahab, Anthony Fleming III as Queequeg, Kasey Foster as Fate/Widow, Raymond Fox as Stubb/Captain Boomer/Captain Gardinerm and Javen Ulambayar as Mungun. They are joined by Kelley Abell as Fate/Inkeeper, Walter Owen Briggs as Starbuck/Father Mapple/Dr. Bunger, Cordelia Dewdney as Fate/Crone, Micah Figueroa as Cabaco/Captain of New Bedford Whaling Shipm and understudies Adeoye (for Queequeg/Mungun) and Chris Mathews (for Ahab/Ishmael/Stubb/Starbuck/Cabaco).

The creative team includes aerial/acrobatic choreography by Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi, set designer Courtney O'Neill, costume designer Sully Ratke, lighting designer William C. Kirkham, sound design and original music by Rick Sims, rigging designer Isaac Schoepp, and dialect coach Kathy Logelin.

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