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Amy Coleman, Steve Schalchlin to Play Don’t Tell Mama

Steve Schalchlin and Amy Coleman
Steve Schalchlin and Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman will reunite with Steve Schalchlin for Coleman & Shack, to be presented at Don’t Tell Mama on Friday, November 11 at 9:15pm.

Coleman previously appeared in the Off-Broadway production of Schalchlin’s musical The Last Session, as well as in two other productions of the same show.

In addition to writing the music and lyrics for The Last Session, Schalchlin co-authored and performed in The Big Voice: God or Merman? both in Los Angeles and New York, and has written the song cycle, New World Waking, described as “a musical insurrection for peace.”

The duo will perform songs from all three of Schalchlin’s scores plus a few new songs written by both Coleman and Shack.

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