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UPDATE: Big Name Kitties Beat Broadway Hopefuls to Breakfast at Tiffany's Final Cat Fight

The search for The Great White Way's next feline star is down to two contenders, scratching their way to the top.

UPDATE: In a dramatic turn, the upcoming production of Broadway's Breakfast at Tiffany's has chosen not to cast any of the wide-eyed cuddly cuties who came to their widely publicized open call. Instead, the field has been narrowed to two contenders: Vito Vincent and Monty (as in The Full, we assume).

Vincent is better known by his drag persona Christiane Aman-purr, a character which has appeared on The Colbert Report as well as at dueling piano bars' dumpsters around New York.

Monty's previous credits have not been made public, but we think Ms. Aman-purr has a tail up with the Colbert bump. (Skip ahead to the 1:10 min. mark.):

February 14, 2013 - There are people who want to be famous, without a specific talent they want to be famous for. People who chose fame over every other life goal, including "happiness." And then there are the people who want their cats to be famous. They are a whole different breed.

A group of eager pet-owning humans pawed up outside the Cort Theatre on Wednesday to force their felines to audition for the role of Holly Golightly's beloved "Cat" in the upcoming Broadway production of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's. The open cat call was hosted by the show's public relations team, O&M Co.

Animal trainer Babette Corelli works with Madeline.
(© David Gordon)
The cats…did what cats do…in front of director Sean Mathias and production animal trainer Babette Corelli, who were on hand to spot the pet with the most star quality. (The kind of pet that would only need to use its first name, just like Beyoncé.)

"I'm looking for a cat that is very sensible…that is laid back," Corelli told TheaterMania. "[It should] be comfortable in its own skin, so nothing is intimidating or frightening."

While the chosen cat won't be revealed until closer to previews (which begin on March 4), the search will continue even after the show gets going. "I'll always keep looking for another cat," Corelli said. "You always have to have a couple cats. You need one or two waiting in the wings that could be trained, like swings."

You might think a plethora of stand-ins would offend the sensibilities of the chosen diva cat. Except that -- lest the recent theater-related dog phenomenon confuse you -- cats do not have human feelings.

Now that we're clear on that, here's a look at five of the felines (oh, and their owners) who came out for their chance at Broadway stardom. And while you're at it, enter TheaterMania's Valentine's Day Photo Contest for your chance to see Breakfast at Tiffany's live on stage.

Mercutio and owner Lori Manette
(© David Gordon)
Cat's Name: Mercutio
Age: 3 years old
Breed: "He's a stray, so I'm not sure," said owner Lori Mannette. "He's mixed with a few different things. One of them might be Abyssinian."
Fun Facts: Mercutio (named for the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) has "three thumbs on each paw, his favorite food is broccoli, and he loves to cook."
Leading Man Role That He'd Love to Play: "He was born to play Mercutio!"

Ginger and co-owner Danny Lindenberger
(© David Gordon)
Cat's Name: Ginger
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Red tabby/American short hair
Fun Facts: Ginger is a rescue kitten from the ASPCA. She's also "somewhat of a dog," according to co-owner Danny Lindenberger. "She'll drop a ball in my lap while I'm watching TV and play fetch with me."
Leading Lady Role that She'd Love to Play: "Probably Demeter [in Cats]," co-owner Miriam Henkel-Moellman said. "We already told her about the rough side of the business, and if they say no, it's not because she's not good, or not talented, or not beautiful, it's because they were just looking for someone else," added Lindenberger.
Dalia and owner Shauna Bilodeau
(© David Gordon)
Cat's Name: Dalia
Age: 8 months old
Breed: Medium-haired Calico
Fun Facts: "She knows how to sit on command and how to play dead," said owner Shauna Bilodeau.
Leading Lady Role that She'd Love to Play: "I think she would like to be in Cats," Bilodeau said. "She can be Grizabella."
Dren and owner William Pollak
(© David Gordon)
Cat's Name: Dren
Age: 9 months old
Breed: Short-haired tabby with tiger-print markings.
Fun Facts: "She was adopted to be sister to her brother, who was a crazy man tearing up the apartment," said owner William Pollak. "As soon as they met, he totally calmed down. Now, they're best friends and he gives her baths every day. It's kind of adorable."
Leading Role that She'd Love to Play: "I think she'd make a fine Simba [in The Lion King]," Pollak said. "Maybe Tuptim [in The King and I]. Kim in Miss Saigon. She's versatile."
Madeline and owner Allie Cornblath
(© David Gordon)
Cat's Name: Madeline
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Calico
Fun Facts: Allie Cornblath adopted Madeline at the annual adopt-a-thon, Broadway Barks. "She's already a Broadway star in my mind," Cornblath said. "She's really good at keeping away the mice in our apartment. She also listens, which is very rare for a cat."
Leading Lady Role that She'd Love to Play: "I think she could be Glinda in Wicked. She's very girly."