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The Amoralists' Happy in the Poorhouse Extends Through April 26 logo
A scene from Happy In The Poorhouse
(© Larry Cobra)
The Amoralists' current production of Derek Ahonen's Happy in the Poorhouse, at Theatre 80 St. Marks, has announced a two-week extension, and will now close on April 26.

In the play, Paulie "The Pug" is a Coney Island dreamer who must keep his wife from screwing her ex-husband, his brother-in-law from going to the slammer, and his best friend from taking a bite out of his neck.

The cast includes William Apps, Selene Beretta, James Kautz, Nick Lawson, Sarah Lemp, Morton Matthews, Patrick McDaniel, Rochelle Mikulich, Matthew Pilieci, Mark Riccadonna and Meghan Ritchie.

The creative team consists of Alfred Shatz (set), Jeremy Pape (lighting), Ricky Lang (costumes), The Hernandez Brothers (sound), and Alfred Shatz (fight choreography).

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