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Plays by Ed Hime, Nick Jones, Jeffrey M. Jones Set for The Flea's New Play Festival logo
The Flea Theater will present the New Play Festival, April 20-May 27.

The plays set for the festival include Ed Hime's The Electric Lighthouse, a comedy about post-punk bands, indie cinema, and trying to hang onto yourself. The Flea will also present The Wundelsteipen (And Other Difficult Roles for Young People) by Nick Jones, a collection of darkly comedic works. The festival's third new play will be Jeffrey M. Jones' A Letter from Omdurman, which interweaves three historical periods through stories that are both true and untrue.

The cast for the New Play Festival will feature Allison Buck, Jack Corcoran, Morgan Everitt, Andrew Fortman, Glenna Grant, Seth Moore, Margaret Odette, Stephen Stout, Hannah Corrigan, Tommy Crawford, Eric Folks, Alex Herrald, Maren Langdon, Sean McIntyre, Tedra Millan, Briana Pozner, Donaldo Prescod, Dominic Spillane. Matt Barbot, Veracity Butcher, Eric Folks, Sade Namei, Danny Rivera, Will Turner, and Wilton Yeung. The design & production team for NEW PLAY FESTIVAL includes Kate Foster, Jonathan Cottle, Colin Whitely, Lara de Bruijn, Whitney Locher, Stowe Nelson, Nicole Wee, Laura Been, Michelle Foster, Robin Frohardt, Corn Mo, and JuLondre Brown.


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