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Albert Innaurato
The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) has announced the 18 new musicals selected for the Next Link Project of this year's festival, to be held September 17-October 7 at various venues. Approximately 20 other new musicals will be announced later this summer.

Below is a list of the Next Link musicals, in alphabetical order. For more information, visit


The Angle of the Sun
Book and Lyrics by Rachel Lampert, Music by Larry Pressgrove
A brilliant painter's life-long struggle to balance the fears, joys and conflicting passions of art and love.

Book by Matt Board, Jane Caplow, Kate Galvin, Luisa Hinchliff, and Joe Slabe, Music and Lyrics by Matt Board and Joe Slabe
The rehearsal woes and opening night shenanigans of the Central Riverdale Amateur Players (C.R.A.P.), an amateur theatre company mounting a stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

The Boy in the Bathroom
Book by Michael Lluberes, Music by Joe Maloney, Lyrics by Michael Lluberes with additional lyrics by Joe Maloney
A young man with obsessive-compulsive disorder sequesters himself in his bathroom until his feelings for a young girl force him to consider facing the world.

Book, Music and Lyrics by Joel Adlen
A new musical comedy inspired by the classic Jane Austen novel, about a determined young matchmaker who finally falls in love herself.

Gemini The Musical
Book by Albert Innaurato, Music by Charles Gilbert, Lyrics by Charles Gilbert and Albert Innaurato
In this musical adaptation of Innaurato's 1977 play, a budding composer home from college on break gets a surprise visit from his girlfriend and her brother and confronts his sexuality with some help from his family, the neighbors, and the ghost of Maria Callas.

Going Down Swingin' (The Don Giovanni Radio Hour)
Book and Lyrics by Matt Boresi, Music by Peter Hilliard
A cad radio actor tries to manipulate everyone around him and fails as the era of the radio play fades.

Little Egypt
Book by Lynn Siefert, Music and Lyrics by Gregg Lee Henry
Three misfit couples experience the ups and downs of love in and around an International House of Pancakes in 1982 Illinois.

Look What A Wonder Jesus Has Done
Book, Music and Lyrics by Walter Robinson
A gospel folk opera about Denmark Vesey's failed slave and Free Negro rebellion in 1822 Charleston.

Love Sucks
Book by Stephen O'Rourke, Music by Brandon Patton, Lyrics by Brandon Patton and Stephen O'Rourke
Love's Labour Lost punk-rock style: All-girl group The Guttersnips and all-guy band The Molotovs swear off sex, fall in love, and battle each other for a record deal.

Mud Donahue & Son
Book by Jeff Hochhauser, Music by Bob Johnston, Lyrics by Bob Johnston and Jeff Hochhauser
The true story of hoofer Jack Donahue, who left his opinionated mother at home in 1910 in search of fame on the vaudeville circuit.

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood
Book, Music and Lyrics by Joan Cushing
Little Red Riding Hood gets a Cajun kick, set in the bayou and performed by a cast of animals.

Sherlock Holmes-The Early Years
Book by Kate Ferguson with additional material by Robbie Hudson, Music by Jared M. Dembrowski, Lyrics by Susannah Pearse
The legendary detective makes the acquaintance of his partner-to-be, his arch nemesis-to-be, his housekeeper-to-be, a handful of high-kicking Scotland Yard men and some very naughty orphans in this spoofical/romance/whodunit.

Such Good Friends
Book, Music and Lyrics by Noel Katz
Comedy writers/actors/friends working on an early TV show are faced with a McCarthy era witchhunt.

Sympathy Jones
Book by Brooke Pierce, Music and Lyrics by Masi Asare
Receptionist at a spy agency dreams of more and nabs her chance when a top-secret file is left on her desk.

The Family Fiorelli (and how they stayed one)
Book and Lyrics by Fred Anthony Marco, Music by Alastair William King
An Italian-American family must overcome complicated (and often darkly funny) hardships related to their home life and vineyard.

The Yellow Wood
Book by Michelle Elliot, Music by Danny Larsen, Lyrics by Michelle Elliott and Danny Larsen
A teenager with attention deficit disorder goes without Ritalin for a day and struggles to face who he is (with a little help from Robert Frost).

Tully (in no particular order)
Book and additional lyrics by Joshua William Gelb, Music and Lyrics by Stephanie Johnstone
Stranded in the underworld with no memory of his past, Catullus must rely on his poetry to piece together the colorful, raucous, lurid, and ultimately tragic life he has led.

War Brides
Book by Ronald Sproat, Music by Christopher Berg, Lyrics by Frank Evans
British war brides fight government red tape to be reunited with their American GI husbands in the United States after WWII.

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