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Moses Mogilee, a new not-for-profit theatre organization, will present William Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors at the Looking Glass Theatre, May 6-23. J.M. Holmes will direct.

This dizzying spin on Shakespeare's classic tale of mistaken identity will feature a double tracked, rotating cast. Set and lighting design will be by Brandon Scott Hughes with costume design by Christine A Kahler.

The casts will include, respectively, Brandon Scott Hughes/Steven Bidwell (Solinus), Steven Bidwell/Brandon Scott Hughes (Egeon), John Bodycombe/Mark Robert Ryan (Antipholus of Ephesus), Robert Spaulding/Justin D Quackenbush (Antipholus of Syracuse), Zoe Sjogerman/Kara Townsend (Dromio of Ephesus), Josh Bowen/Anna C Mosher (Dromio of Syracuse), Jennifer Gartner/Rachel Kincaid (Balthasar), Elaine Hayhurst/Morgan Powell (Angelo), Nikolai Volkoff/Joe Berardi (Doctor Pinch), Anna C Mosher/Josh Bowen (First Merchant), Kara Townsend/Zoe Sjogerman (Second Merchant), Amy M Backes/Molly Mermelstein (Emilia), Rachel Kincaid/Jennifer Gartner (Adriana), Morgan Powell/ Elaine Hayhurst (Luciana), Joe Berardi /Nikolai Volkoff (Luce), Molly Mermelstein/Amy M Backes (Courtesan), Justin D Quackenbush/Robert Spaulding (Officer), and Mark Robert Ryan/John Bodycombe (Jailor).

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