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David Friedman
(© Robert Zash Photography)
It has just been announced that Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman will close following the 3pm performance on Sunday, December 7. At the time of its closing, it will have played 16 previews and 52 regular performances.

Directed by Mark Waldrop, the show stars Allison Briner, Joe Cassidy, Michael Hunsaker, Alix Korey, and Anne Runolfsson. Friedman himself accompanies the performers and sings some of the show's songs. As reported previously by TheaterMania, Listen to My Heart earlier rescinded a closing notice that had been posted for November 16 after a groundswell of support helped keep the production afloat.

In their review of the show for TheaterMania, Barbara and Scott Siegel wrote that "Friedman spends most of the show sitting stage center, playing either the piano or the synthesizer, and he is a charming presence throughout. His ego is never on display but his talent most certainly is; his modesty in singing only at the very beginning and end of the show points up his graciousness. Perhaps that modesty comes from confidence: Listen To My Heart is, by far, the best presentation of David Friedman's work to date."

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