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With Her Work Visa Processed, Isobel Pravda Makes it to New York in Time for The Good and The True to Open

Pravda plays her own grandmother in the new drama. logo
Isobel Pravda as her grandmother, Hana Pravda, in the off-Broadway drama The Good and The True at the DR2 Theatre.
(© Svandovo Divadlo)

After a widespread computer glitch that caused delays to the processing of international work visas, actress Isobel Pravda has arrived in New York and was able to join the cast of the off-Broadway drama The Good and the True in time for its August 3 opening at the DR2 Theatre. In the interim, the role had been essayed by Hannah D. Scott.

Pravda stars as her own grandmother, Holocaust survivor Hana Pravda, in Daniel Hrbek, Tomas Hrbek, and Lucie Kolouchova's drama, which intertwines the true testimonies of Czech athlete Milos Dobry and actress Pravda, who endured the indignities of incarceration and survival at the hands of occupied Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. Hrbek directs the production, which uses an English-language script by Brian Daniels.

The actress stars alongside Saul Reichlin, who plays Dobry. The pair originated their roles in a U.K.- and Belgian-touring production last year. The New York production runs through September 14.

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