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Audra McDonald and Stephen Colbert Warm Up The Colbert Report

Tony Award winner duets with television show host on a charming rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." logo

Audra McDonald
(© Tristan Fuge)
The weather may have been chilly, but TV viewers got a truly heartwarming treat last night.

Five-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald (The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess) appeared on the December 11 edition of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report to duet with the show's host, Stephen Colbert, on Frank Loesser's "Baby, It's Cold Outside. This marked the second time McDonald has appeared on the popular talkfest.

The pair performed the holiday classic, which won the Academy Award in 1949 after being featured in the musical Neptune's Daughter, on a set overflowing with yuletide cheer. Take a look (and listen) for yourself.

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Sign Off - Audra McDonald - "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
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