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Arthur Acuna, Rufus Collins, Lucy DeVito, Danny Mastrogiorgio, et al. Set for EST Marathon Series A logo
Casting has been announced for Series A of The Ensemble Studio Theatre's 2011 Marathon of One-Act Plays, to be presented May 20-June 18, with an opening on May 23.

Rufus Collins, Julie Fitzpatrick, Eamon Foley, Kristen Lowman, Scott Sowers and Helen Coxe will be featured in Tennessee, by the late Romulus Linney and directed by Harris Yulin. The play, set in the mountains of North Carolina in 1870, centers on the mystery of an old woman's life.

Qui Nguyen's Bike Wreck, in which a rookie to the world of Chinese food delivery learns the rules of the game, is directed by John Gould Rubin and will feature Michael Louis Wells, Charlie Hudson III and Arthur Acuna.

Billy Aronson 's In the Middle of the Night is about a college freshman who breaks into a campus building for a night with a wild girl. It is directed by Robert Davenport and will feature Jared McGuire, Irene Longshore, Helen Coxe and Marc Romeo.

J. Holtham's School Night, directed by Abigail Zealey Bess, features Curtis Jackson, Lucy DeVito and Lance Rubin and is the story of two estranged young men forced into brotherhood when the elder returns home to bury his dead cat.

Ned Eisenberg, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Kathleen Wise and Chris Ceraso will appear in Ben Rosenthal's Ten High, directed by John Giampietro. The play is the story of a murder plot on one side of a bar and a marriage unraveling on the other that threaten to intertwine in unpredictable ways.

Sets are by Jason Simms, lights by Geoffrey Dunbar, sound by Benjamin Furiga, costumes by Erica Evans and props by Starlet Jacobs.

As previously reported, Series B, which will run June 4-25, will feature Jose Zayas' staging of Mrs. Jones and the Man from Dixieland, by Steve Sater and Duncan Sheik; Jacquelyn Reingold's I Know, directed by Dan Bonnell; David Zellnik's For Elise, directed by Pamela Berlin; Michael Louis Wells' Two from the Line, directed by R.J. Tolan; and Cassandra Medley's Cell, directed by Jamie Richards.

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