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Ars Nova Announces Line-Up for ANT Fest 2011 logo
A scene from Play Chunks!
(Courtesy of Ars Nova)
Ars Nova has announced the line-up for ANT Fest 2011, a new talent festival to be held October 17-November 19.

The first week's events will include Estrella Cruz [The Junkyard Queen], written by Charise Castro Smith, directed by Jen Wineman (October 18); Play Chunks!, written by Mya Kagan, directed by Bryn Boice & Greg Cicchino (October 19); The Fantastic Adventures of Teen Girl Scientist Monthly and The Terrifying Haunted Mansion of Uncle Grunkle (In Stereo Where Available): A Saturday Morning Extravaganza...At Night!, composed & performed by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, written by Jonathan Goldberg, directed by Stephen Stout (October 20); USBUiLLD, created & performed by iLL-Literacy (October 21); and Death of American Centaur, created & performed by American Centaur, directed by Cory Antiel (October 22).

The second week's events will include ANT Tunes featuring excerpts from the new musicals Lighting Man, with music by Jeffrey Dennis Smith, lyrics by Shoshana Greenberg, book by Maggie-Kate Coleman, and Mortality Play, with music by Scotty Arnold, Lyrics by Alana Jacoby (October 24); The Beautiful Beautiful Sea Next Door, written by Annah Feinberg, directed by Barbara Harrison (October 25); Nothing Left to Burn, written & directed by Patrick David Vassel; Performed by Adi Hanash (October 26); An Evening With Drew Citron, created & performed by Drew Citron (October 27); The Other Baldwins in "The Other Barrymores" created & performed by The Other Baldwins (October 28); and Stairway to Stardom, created & performed by Molly Anne Coogan (October 29).

Week three events will include Salamander Leviathan, created by Krista Knight & Barry Brinegar, directed by Jess Chayes (October 31); About That Whole Dying Thing, written & performed by Samantha Chanse (November 1); 'Fraidy Cat: A (Sort of) Solo Show, written by Meghan O'Neill, directed by Megan Kellie (November 2); People We Thought We Liked, created & performed by Jackie Danziger and James Tison (November 3); Nuclear Love Affair, created by Built for Collapse (November 4); and Darling, created by A Collection of Shiny Objects: Jesse Geiger, Nathan Leigh & Elizabeth R. English (November 5).

The fourth week of the festival will feature No No No Yes (Or: How the Dumb Part Can Steal Your Smart), created & performed by Matt Dellapina, directed by Adam Knight (November 7); the double-bill of Choral Rage Presents: The Improvised Rock Opera, performed by Choral Rage, directed by Louis Kornfeld and Squirm and Germ: Word, Word, Word., created & performed by Tim Girrbach & Rodney Umble (November 8); P.S. 245, created & performed by Joel Perez, directed by Tamara Fisch (November 9); Doin' It (For Love) With Reformed Whores, created & performed by Marie Cecile Anderson & Katy Frame, directed by D.H. Johnson (November 10); Must Be The Music, created & performed by Greg Scarnici (November 11); and Eager to Lose, created & performed by Tansy Tan Dora, written by Matthew-Lee Erlbach, directed by Wes Grantom & Portia Krieger (November 12).

In its final week, ANT Fest will include 1 Night Only: A Hanukkah Jamboree, written by Rob Shapiro, directed by Leah Bonvissuto (November 14); Tapefaces: Legend of a Kung Fu Master-Season 1 DVD, written by Jon Kern, directed by Sherri Eden Barber (November 15); Flying Snakes in 3-D!!!!, created by Lindsay Mack, Teddy Nicholas, Chase Voorhees & Leah Winkler (November 16); Beyond the iChatter, created by Ashley Rodbro (November 17); Acres of Clams: A Tour Through the Complex, Damp and Poignant History of Washington State, created by Arm and El Beau (November 18); and Travis and the Terpsichorean Factory, created & performed by Travis Buchanan, written by Zackary Grady, directed by Morgan Gould (November 19).

In addition, Ars Nova will offers special ANT Fest editions of its hit variety show Showgasm on three consecutive Thursdays: 10/27, 11/3 and 11/10 at 10pm, immediately following ANT Fest presentations on those evenings.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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