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All the Way Star Bryan Cranston Will Join Fifty Class Presidents From NYC Public High Schools for an Upcoming Matinee

The students will attend the Broadway show free of charge on April 30.

The Broadway production of Robert Schenkkan's All The Way stars Bryan Cranston as President Lyndon Johnson.
(© David Gordon)

Fifty student class presidents from New York City public high schools have been invited to the April 30 performance of Robert Schenkkan's All the Way at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre. As guests of the show's producers, the students will take part in a talkback with star Bryan Cranston and the cast, where they will discuss leadership, presidential power, and the ways in which politics of the 1960s resonate today.

The drama will welcome students from schools including Flushing High School, James Madison High School, Union Square Academy, Claremont International High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Fort Hamilton High School, and others.

Directed by Bill Rauch, All The Way depicts the first year in the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and his struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Also featured in the company are Brandon J. Dirden (Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Michael McKean (J. Edgar Hoover), Susannah Schulman (Lurleen Wallace), J. Bernard Calloway (Ralph Abernathy), James Eckhouse (Robert McNamara), Steve Vinovich (Rep. Emanuel Celler), Peter Jay Fernandez (Roy Wilkins), Ethan Phillips (Stanley Levison), Bill Timoney (Sen. Karl Mundt), Betsy Aidem (Lady Bird Johnson), Christopher Gurr (Sen. Strom Thurmond), Roslyn Ruff (Coretta Scott King), Eric Lenox Abrams (Bob Moses), Richard Poe (Sen. Everett Dirksen), John McMartin (Sen. Richard Russell), Robert Petkoff (Sen. Hubert Humphrey), Christopher Liam Moore (Walter Jenkins), and William Jackson Harper (Stokely Carmichael).

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