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4 Ways to Change Your Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation to Broadway's Ben Platt

No need to worry about political conversation when you can simply divert the dinner table discussion to this 2017 Tony winner instead.

It's the age-old story: An extended family comes together for a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner, and the result is a bloodbath of hurt feelings and political commentary. Having experienced this ourselves, this year, we've decided to help Broadway fans artfully change their holiday table conversation to a subject that's much more fun and enjoyed by all: Tony winner Ben Platt.

With that in mind, here are four potential conversations that could go wrong and the ways to bring Broadway's favorite conjurer of Beyoncé into the mix. There. We fixed it.

Ben Platt at the Tony Awards in 2017.
(© David Gordon)

1. Is Donald Trump a social media genius or a social media provocateur?
The president's Twitter prowess has thrilled his supporters and repulsed his detractors. But is he better at harnessing the power of Twitter than one Mr. Ben Platt, who used the social media platform to turn his dream of meeting Beyoncé into a reality? We're just crazy in love with Ben Platt.

2. Blake Shelton: Is he really the sexiest man alive in 2017?
The internet (and our relatives) are divided as to whether or not Shelton, the country music star and judge on The Voice, has legitimately earned his title of People's sexiest man alive in 2017. Fortunately for us, People has also provided the ideal conversation shifter. Guess whom they've named the sexiest Broadway star alive this year? That's right: Mr. Ben Platt.

3. Are you ready for some football?
If you're reading this, chances are the answer is no. Rather than join your folks to watch the Giants versus the Redskins (we had to look that up), pull out your phone and show grandma the best video of the year: Ben Platt, Noah Galvin, and Taylor Trensch disco dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire's "Getaway."

4. Who wants to look back on old family folklore?
Getting tired of hearing your family members reboot stories from 50 years ago that may or may not have even happened? Turn on the TV, search the DVR, and find a much more enjoyable reboot: Will & Grace, particularly this season's episode featuring Ben Platt as a millennial trying to pick up Will by saying that he looks like a news anchor.


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