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Cloris Leachman Reminds You That Cats Can’t Use Condoms

In this PETA-produced video, the Broadway favorite suggests you get your pets spayed and neutered. And opens a condom wrapper with her teeth.

Cloris Leachman
Cloris Leachman

Cloris, Cats, and Condoms.

It would be hard to deny that PETA, the well known animal rights organization, knows how to create a catchy campaign. Their adds and commercials have featured nearly-naked models, girls strung up with chains, and now, grandmotherly favorite, Emmy Award winner Cloris Leachman (Broadway’s South Pacific) giving the sex talk (for your pets).

She reminds viewers that though humans have an easy fix when they want to “have a little fun” sans baby-making, dogs and cats don’t have that luxury.

So get your pets fixed, seriously.

And maybe also consider keeping your condoms in a martini glass.

For more Leachman on pets and condom flavors, watch the outtake reel below.