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Eileen Barnett, Dick DeCoit, Hap Lawrence et al. Set for LA Premiere of The Young Man From Atlanta logo
Eileen Barnett
The Production Company has announced casting for the LA premiere of Horton Foote's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Young Man From Atlanta. August Viverito will direct the production, to play a six-week run at The Lex Theatre, beginning March 11.

In the play, the well-upholstered fortress of the Kidder's lives is suddenly under siege, as Will Kidder loses his job even as he and wife Lily Dale try to come to terms with the death of their 37-year-old son and only child, Bill. The young man of the play's title, who was Bill's roommate and who is never actually seen, has words of comfort for the parents, if they choose to listen.

Dick DeCoit and Eileen Barnett portray Will and Lily Dale Kidder, with Hap Lawrence as Uncle Pete. The cast will also feature Nicole J. Butler, Geoff James, David Robert May, Cyndi Martino and Jonathan Strait.

The design team will include Bryan Forrest (set), Ric Zimmerman (lighting), and Shon LeBlanc (costumes).

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