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West End Hamilton Olivier Winner Giles Terera to Release Memoir About Playing Aaron Burr

The book is culled from Terera’s rehearsal journals.

Giles Terera as Aaron Burr in Hamilton
Giles Terera as Aaron Burr in Hamilton
(© Matthew Murphy)

Nick Hern Books will publish the new memoir Hamilton and Me: An Actor's Journal, written by Giles Terera, the Olivier-winning original Aaron Burr in the West End Hamilton. The book will have a forward by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The book is drawn from a journal Terera kept throughout the period of preparation, rehearsal, and performance. "It offers an honest, intimate look at everything involved in opening a once-in-a-generation production – the triumphs, breakthroughs, and doubts, the camaraderie of the rehearsal room and the moments of quiet backstage contemplation – as well as a fascinating, in-depth exploration of now-iconic songs and moments from the world-famous musical, as seen from the inside."

Terera said in a statement, "As an actor, I've always kept rehearsal journals. It helps me process what I'm experiencing as well as helping me remember what I'm supposed to be doing. When I was asked to play the part of Aaron Burr in Hamilton I knew that it would be both an incredible challenge and an extraordinary journey – one I wanted to learn from as well as enjoy. So, every day, I kept notes on the work and the experience. I'm so happy that an experience which has been so life-changing for me might now be of use to students, theater-makers and anyone who loves Hamilton as much I do."

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