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PHOTO FLASH: Jaime Pressly Visits Cirque du Soleil's logo
Emmy Award winner Jaime Pressly celebrates boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi's birthday by taking him to Cirque du Soleil's and having him meet the cast
(© Cashman Photo)

Actress and model Jaime Pressly and her boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi attended the Tuesday, August 21 performance of Cirque du Soleil's , at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, in order to celebrate Hijazi's birthday.

Pressly is perhaps best known for her Emmy-winning portrayal of Joy Turner on the NBC sitcom My Name is Earl. She also starred on last season's television series I Hate My Teenage Daughter and played the role of Denise in the movie I Love You Man.

is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief in the "ka," an invisible spiritual duplicate of the body that follows us from one life to the next. The show combines acrobatics, martial arts, puppetry, and multimedia to illustrate the nature of duality.

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