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Redmoon Announces Urban Interventions

Hawkman and his entourage
(© Christina Noel)
Redmoon has announced plans for Urban Interventions, a series of original events which will take place throughout Chicagoland, June 18-October 14.

Urban Interventions' events are designed to intervene into different urban scenarios and disrupt Chicagoans' daily routines. Each event will feature one of three highly engineered central objects working in concert with a team of artists and performers to support the unique stories that Redmoon has to tell.

The performance objects will include The Hawkman and his Entourage, a winged parade featuring the flight of the Hawkman Prince and his 22 Punk Bird Entourage; Dis/Re Placement, a machine with two forks - one in the front and one in the back that lift and move highly-adorned rooms which appear to have been recently ripped from a foreclosed building; and DJ Fire, a "Mobile DJ" who mixes and samples live music into a sonic frequency interface that translates sound into jets of flame emitted by a 12-pipe fire organ.

Each production is collaboratively conceived and designed by Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri, and Alex Balestrieri. Redmoon engineers and designers include Bill Tellman, Collin Smith, Steven Lockwood, Zachary Perrault, Sue Haas, Mikhail Fiskel, Dustan Creech, Davide Nanni, Christopher Furman, Kurt Rhode, Carrie Ahaus, Matt Sabin, Emily Breyer, and Ben Farmer.

For more information about Urban Interventions, click here.