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Tony Nomination Reactions From Aaron Tveit, Karen Olivo, Lois Smith, and More

Hear what these newly named nominees have to say.

The big day is here! We have the list of 2020 Tony nominees, and we're chatting with the members of the illustrious short list to hear their first reactions to the big news. You'll find some of their responses here, and more below.

For the complete list of Tony nominees, click here.

Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit in Moulin Rouge!
(© Matthew Murphy)

"It's a huge honor and I am so grateful to be nominated! It's also vitally important to highlight that this recognition represents, collectively, thousands of hours of work by hundreds of individuals working on Moulin Rouge! The Musical. All the brilliant craftspeople, technicians, stagehands and crew that run our show night to night, those in the front and back of the house, inside and outside our stage doors, our incredible audience and fans, and of course the cast, creative team, and producers. A day hasn't gone by since the shutdown began that I haven't missed the theatre and I look forward to when we can all return. I hope this can be a positive lift amidst an industry shut down with an ever-changing timeline, as well as a reminder of power of live theatre, and what it can do for us as individuals. And for our world."
— Aaron Tveit, Best Actor in a Musical for Moulin Rouge!

"Not one of us in the theater does ANYTHING by ourselves. And that is why I am so happy that the work of A.J. Littlefield (dresser for Satine), Daniel Mortenson (Hair/Makeup Supervisor), & Ashley Loren (standby for Satine) is being highlighted by this nomination. I hope that the spotlight on the Tony Awards will illuminate the fact that Arts Workers everywhere, not just on Broadway, are struggling. By all means, let's celebrate the work of all of these artisans but let us also seek the government mandated financial assistance that will ensure we exist beyond this global pandemic."
— Karen Olivo, Best Actress in a Musical for Moulin Rouge!

"I couldn't be happier for our Jagged Little Pill musical community! Everyone has generously offered their whole selves to this collective mission of shining light on our deeply held values of inclusion, de-stigmatizing human experiences, connection, relational healing and grace, race love and multiple forms of fierce activism in such an expressed and deeply empathic story-slash-movement. I am overcome with emotion about this beautiful team-effort resonating with anyone who might be assuaged in this wildly unusual and challenging time. Sending big love!"
— Alanis Morrissette, Jagged Little Pill

Celia Rose Gooding, Derek Klena, Elizabeth Stanley, and Sean Allan Krill in Jagged Little Pill
(© Matthew Murphy)

"I'm so honored to have been nominated for a Tony this year. It's been a rough couple of months, to say the least. So I'm holding on extra tight to this bit of joy. That's pretty much been the energy of this time, honoring the tough bits, making room for every feeling that comes, and holding on the best parts. I'm still pretty lost for words, but I know I'm grateful. I'm really really grateful."
— Celia Rose Gooding, Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Jagged Little Pill

"I am simply flabbergasted. As a theater actor, it's a dream come true to be nominated for a Tony Award, and I am incredibly honored. Working on Jagged Little Pill and bringing Steve Healy to life has been one of the greatest joys of my career. I am so proud of the show and the difficult, necessary stories it brings to light. We are living in a particularly troubling time, and the show's central message of communication and compassion moving toward growth, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding is more timely than ever. Theater is essential; it enriches our lives and shows the depths of our humanity and our true potential. I'm incredibly proud to be a part of a Tony season that I hope can, in this unsettling 'intermission,' help bring back the joy and sense of community that live theatre can bring to artists and theatergoers alike!"
— Sean Allan Krill, Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Jagged Little Pill

Lois Smith in The Inheritance
(© Matthew Murphy)

"I have a Tony nomination! For my role in The Inheritance, which I found to be a celebration all the time. A day of good news, not many of those lately. Thank you Tony committee. Now let's vote, and keep well, and instead of working for Law and Order, which has come to have a frightening meaning, let's rename it Justice and Civility, and see how much of that we can offer each other. Then we can celebrate."

 — Lois Smith, Best Featured Actress in a Play for The Inheritance

"Congratulations to my fellow nominees. I am so proud of everyone involved in this production. The journey from a reading in a windowless back room of The Public to here has been a kind of magic. The best way to celebrate theatre is to support its practitioners in these uncertain times. Please give to the Actors Fund if you can. And no vote matters more than the one on November 3rd."

— Tom Sturridge, Best Actor in a Play for Sea Wall/A Life


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