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Flashback Friday: Hugh Jackman Drops Some Music Man on Jay Leno

Broadway's next Harold Hill has been rehearsing this role since he was in grammar school.

Hugh Jackman is coming back to Broadway — and in a role nearly four decades in the making.

When it was announced that producer Scott Rudin was making Jackman Broadway's next Harold Hill in The Music Man, Jackman delivered the following public statement: "The first musical I was ever a part of was the phenomenal The Music Man. The year was 1983, and I was at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. I was one of the traveling salesmen, and I think I can actually (almost) remember that unforgettable opening number! That was probably the moment when the magic of theater was born in me."

If that story sounds familiar, it's because the Tony-winning showman told it to Jay Leno back in 2011, including a re-creation of his tour-de-force childhood audition. It's not every day you get such a thorough preview of a star turn on Broadway, so take advantage of this look into the future, and hold your breath for fall 2020 when Professor Hill is scheduled to roll into town.