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EXCLUSIVE: A First Look at National Theatre's Macbeth With Rory Kinnear

Anne-Marie Duff also stars in this production, which will be broadcast via NT Live.

Rory Kinnear and Anne-Marie Duff in Rufus Norris's production of Macbeth.
(© Brinkhoff/Mögenburg)

Rufus Norris's National Theatre production of Shakespeare's Macbeth, starring Rory Kinnear in the title role and Anne-Marie Duff as Lady Macbeth, will be broadcast in American cinemas as part of the NT Live series on May 17. Fathom Events serves as the presenter.

Anne-Marie Duff in the National Theatre's Macbeth.
(© Brinkhoff/Mögenburg)

Along with Kinnear and Duff, the company also includes Stephen Boxer as Duncan, Patrick O'Kane as Macduff, Kevin Harvey as Banquo, Rakhee Sharma as Fleance, Amaka Okafor as Lady Macduff, Penny Layden as Ross, Trevor Fox as Porter, Parth Thakerar as Malcolm, Beatrice Scirocchi, Anna-Maria Nabirye, and Hannah Hutch as the three witches, Nadia Albina as Gentlewoman, Joshua Lacey as Murderer, Andrew Frame as Siward, Nicholas Karimi as Lennox, Alana Ramsey as Murderer, and Michael Balogun as Doctor.

The creative team includes Rae Smith (scenic design), Moritz Junge (costume design), James Farncombe (lighting), and Paul Arditti (sound).

A scene from the National Theatre of London production of Macbeth.
(© Brinkhoff/Mögenburg)

When asked how important these broadcasts are in terms of bringing the work to a wider audience, Kinnear said in a statement, "Very important. It means plays are seen by a range of people who can't necessarily get to the theatre, maybe through distance or ill health or for whatever reason. They're able to go somewhere more local and also there are people who wouldn't necessarily come to the theatre who decide to take a punt on it because it's not as costly or not so far to travel. They see a broadcast and think 'You know what, I actually want to go and see what theatre is like in the flesh.' From people's responses and how it's tended to play out is that if they've enjoyed it then actually it makes them more encouraged to try live theatre."

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