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10 #Ham4All Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Today is the last day to enter Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton contest. logo

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Prizeo's #Ham4All Challenge on social media ends today, July 31. In honor of the monthlong contest, we're looking back at our favorite entries. You can watch them below.

1. Cynthia Erivo's "Dear Theodosia"

2. Bobby Cannavale's "Wait for It," briefly accompanied by his baby peeing in the bathtub

3. Finn, his aviator sunglasses, and "My Shot"

4. The cast of Waitress and "Bake for It"

5. Weird Al's accordion-based "What'd I Miss"

6. @leothesoubrette and @sasha_nks's "Guns and Ships" on ukulele

7. Alex Lacamoire playing the score he won a Tony for orchestrating

8. Jonathan Groff, the production's original King George, singing "Satisfied" with a special guest

9. The cast of Groundhog Day

10. This adorable three-year-old

Fans are encouraged to add their voice and join the #Ham4All Challenge by sharing social posts of themselves singing their favorite song from Hamilton and then challenging friends to do the same.

Launched during Immigrant Heritage Month, the Hamilton in Los Angeles campaign benefits the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, a group of 12 immigrant rights organizations brought together by the Hispanic Federation. The coalition members advocate for fair and humane immigration reform and work throughout the United States to provide direct services to immigrants from around the globe, including legal representation, English-language classes, and "Know Your Rights" education campaigns.

To enter, click here.


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