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Whale Song, by Cathy Tagnak Rexford, Begins World-Premiere Run

Erin Tripp stars in the production at Perseverance Theatre, directed by Madeline Sayet.

Erin Tripp and Jane Lind star in Whale Song at Perseverance Theatre.
Erin Tripp and Jane Lind star in Whale Song at Perseverance Theatre.
(© Julie York Coppens)

Performances begin tonight for Whale Song, a new play by Cathy Tagnak Rexford receiving its world premiere at Perseverance Theatre. The production runs through February 23, with opening night set for February 1.

Whale Song is described as follows: "Soon after a baby is born in a small Arctic village, her parents learn of a prophecy: In order to restore nature's delicate balance, Ani will spend her girlhood training for the honor of someday marrying a bowhead whale, leaving humanity and spending the rest of her life with her new mate. Ani wants to do the right thing and fulfill her duty, but as a young adult, she has other loves and other plans for herself. Cataclysmic events in the waters around her, and some difficult discoveries on land, eventually force a choice."

Erin Tripp stars in the production, directed by Madeline Sayet. The rest of the cast featuring Jennifer Bobiwash, Frank Katasse, Evan Rothfeld, Erika Stone, Jane Lind, Todd Hunter, Tai Yen Kim, Ty Yamaoka, and Ashleigh Watt. The creative team includes Asa Benally (costumes), Akiko Nishijima Rotch (scenic design), Art Rotch (lighting design), Rory Stitt (sound design), and Hali Duran (choreography).